Jackie’s story has repeatedly helped inspire others to take necessary actions to become the genuine person they are and realize the happiness they deserve.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker you can expect Jackie to motivate and inspire her audience. Her life experiences gives Jackie the ability to speak to crowds of various backgrounds.

Training Workshops

Jackie offers training in overcoming personal obstacles along with an extensive list of business related topics. Jackie offers small group training programs to lead and coach your group to a new level of thinking.

Guest Editorial

A new point of view to editorial columns. Jackie brings life to her subject matter and offers an interesting, thought provoking commentary that will engage your readers.

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Jackie has a long history of positive influence on others. However, the one person she didn’t have a positive influence on was herself. For many years, while building her successful career in the chamber of commerce industry, Jackie wasn’t building a successful self. Outwardly, others thought she had it all. Inside, she was crumbling. She was battling severe clinical depression and an eating disorder. She started down her personal path of recovery and whole-self well-being and discovered that she has a special talent for helping motivate and help others overcome their own barriers to happiness and success, much like she also has a talent to help organizations overcome their barriers.

Through word of mouth marketing, Jackie has presented dozens of speaking engagements and workshops on many topics such as leadership, happiness and success, overcoming barriers and stigma, conscious capitalism, finding happiness and success in the face of challenge, and much more.

She draws from her rich experiences from more than a decade as the President/CEO of a chamber of commerce as well as her upbringing, her eating disorder experience, and fearless desire for change and adventure. Scholastically, she holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communication from Central Michigan University.

Jackie can be described as an engaging person who cares deeply about seeing other people find happiness. She has been known to have humorous (weird) social media postings and ponderings, and presentations that can be described best as authentic. She often describes herself by saying, “I’m just me.” Although she views everything as an opportunity to build her experience and to learn, when not directly engaged in building her brand, she enjoys traveling, yardwork, reading, beach volleyball, kayaking, swimming, diving, golfing, spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering.

“Wow!, I think your presentation was spot on. Congratulations! I have to think that the Early College graduates will never listen to that song (Something to Be Proud Of) again without hearing a very personal message, thanks to you! Now that’s something to be proud of.”

– Therese Duncan, Alpena

“Jackie’s story was extremely inspiring for students and staff with a powerful message that encouraged individuals to get the help they need so they don’t suffer in silence. Students responded positively to her honest, open approach while sharing her struggle.”

– Jessica Prittie – Teacher Consultant, Alpena

Messages To Live By – Jackie’s Favorite Quotes